Honestly Rating Southern Thailand 🇹🇭

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post – a whole month actually😱- but honestly, Thailand hasn’t inspired me to write much.

Before coming here, I wasn’t really excited about visiting this part of the country; knowing in advance that it would be super expensive and full of young idiots stumbling along the once-pristine coastline looking to party. But actually, Southern Thailand has exceeded my expectations and I’m sorry (not sorry) for turning into one of those idiots myself👀. I’ve constantly been on the session with my brother, my best friend and a great crowd that we ended up travelling with for over a week 🤙… it’s been AWESOME!

Merry Christmas from Koh Samui🎄

Naturally, the morning after 1000 beverages when thinking about what to write about, my head has been hazy and unhelpful. I haven’t seen anything but beaches, sand and the bottom of a bucket (and I haven’t exactly been building sand-castles👀). So in a sorry state with my large iced-coffee, I’m thinking that my alcohol-fulled antics are unlikely to be of benefit to my readers…? (Although boy, do I have some tales to tell😂)!

As I’ve stressed before, the point of my blog is to HONESTLY document my travels. Well friends, you can’t get more honest than me admitting my slide over to alcoholism (not literally Mum🙄). But seriously, that’s the main reason people come to this part of the world…for an unforgettable party…and Thailand sure does deliver!

Playing the craziest most fun drinking game which involves smacking a nail into a plank of wood with a hammer😎 – Koh Tao

Southern Thailand is a great holiday destination in December, brimming with brits-abroad and other nationalities seeking out a right good Christmas celebration – so you’re certain to make some great friends when you’re out here. For backpackers on a budget though, it’s a bit of a tight squeeze as you don’t want to be that person not putting your round in 😭.

Even the old expats who have been here since Thailand was the ‘Number One Backpacking Destination’ look a little rough, pinching their pockets…hard. One Russian chap was trying to pay for his cheap cigarettes with a crappy Buddhist statue. He lifted up his top to show his empty pockets but instead we saw his tiny penis (no lie😂).

Admittedly, the other night I had a ‘half way’ meltdown myself (although my private parts stayed concealed👀). Thing is, I’m 6 months into my travels now which means I’m starting to see my finances drop (although I’m trying to stay positive that they’re half full rather than half empty). Non-surprisingly I was under the influence of Thai Whiskey when I flipped out, but even less-surprisingly, it all stemmed from the root of all evil…Thai Bhat.

There’s so much to do here and I can see why Southern Thailand is so popular – but on a tight £800 to £1000 budget for 3 weeks, it’s been difficult to do the things I planned to (like paragliding and getting a bamboo tattoo). I’m really against being that annoying traveller who moans about the cost of well, EVERYTHING – so I’ve tried to keep my mouth shut, bite the bullet, chill more and ignore my bank account until I’m out of the country👍.

Some days can be cheaper, like sharing the price of a scooter and exploring the natural wonders of Koh Samui – like this gorgeous waterfall!

Perhaps all would be different if we came at a different time of the year – as during The Full Moon Party, a £2 a night accommodation goes up to £30! But as I leave for Laos today, and look back on the past 3 weeks, I really don’t regret a thing. I don’t regret a booze cruise, a cocktail bucket or an entry fee. The extra expenses really have been worth it.

Best booze cruise I’ve EVER been to in Phi Phi 🚤💜


Thailand has been utterly unforgettable and I’ve made some unbelievable memories that I’ll look back on with smiles for the rest of my life. Therefore, I recommend other backpackers to, instead of opting out, make a real effort in saving a good amount for your trip to Thailand during high season (I recommend at least £1,500 for 3 weeks).

You don’t need to make an effort with anything else after all – the country is one of the easiest I’ve actually visited! A visa is free on the boarder for 30 days and you simply need to pop out of the country, to say Laos or Cambodia, to come back in for another 15 days💁! Local food is cheap and delicious all year round and Pad Thai is an absolute must-try whilst you’re out here.

Don’t be afraid to try street food – in-fact it’s often when you get the best of the delacacise! This Chicken Pad Thai cost us a quid and was made by an old Thai woman outside of a temple in Bangkok!

Tourism is so prevalent that in popular places like Phi Phi, Phuket and Koh Pha Ngan, you see two white faces to every Asian face. That’s madness right? The trail is so easily done that tour companies can effortlessly plan joint tickets for you to get on boats and buses. Really, you can quite easily get from A to B without my advice.

If you still want my advice though, don’t worry about sh** – just rock up and you’ll be fine 👌🏻! My brothers input? Just do as you’re told – if they tell you to sit down, sit down. If they tell you to get on the bus, get on the bus. If they tell you to wait over there, wait over there. It’s as easy as that – they deal with idiot tourists like us every day after all😉…

All you need is a sticker, and you’ll get to where you want to be 🤙

I plan to do a little post over the next few days to give a snippet summary of each of the places I’ve visited whilst I’ve been here…



-Phi Phi


-Koh Samui

-Koh Tao

-Koh PangNhan

-Back to Bangkok

Stay tuned for some tips and recommendations that’ll hopefully benefit your trip! Now that I’m off the juice for a bit, I feel ready for whatever travel antics 2018 has to offer (and I’m able to pick up a pen again without the shakes 😉 haha).

Happy New Year!


H x

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