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My love for hostel’s began a couple of years back when I stayed in my first ever one…

Comebackpackers, Berlin

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Comebackpackers is situated in the up-and-coming town of Kreuzberg and is just a few minutes away from the Train Station which takes you straight into the heart of Berlin. I arrived with my two best friends, who are both featured in this article, and together we fell in love with the city – so rich in history; somber and thoughtful, yet so energetic when the Techno beat took over in the evening…

A lack of sleep was a common theme throughout our stay, and to ready ourselves to explore the sights, we’d recoup on the rooftop terrace. Waking with a grizzly hangover EVERY SINGLE DAY, and with the music still tapping in our brain’s, we’d grab a cup of Joe and take a seat in the Winter sun to enjoy our rice cakes (don’t ask) with the people we’d partied with the night before. And when we couldn’t stomach the packets and packets of rice cakes we’d purchased, we’d simply enjoy a fag with a view!

Personally, my appreciation for a hostel relies on the people I meet. A recommendation can be just that as each person’s experience will be different, and mainly dependent on the crowd they choose to mix with. Luckily, at Comebackpackers we met some interesting characters from all over the world, as well as two from just down the road😱, and together, we enjoyed exchanging different views and stories, whilst they kicked my ass at Foosball…but I’ll just blame that on the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed👀


The rep, Matthew, was a top babe (although he did remind us to be respectful at 4am when we were still caning it👀) – but all in all, the hostel felt like home and had a very easy-going vibe. It was super easy to make friends  – with the living and eating area being combined into one, and it helped that the smoking terrace was just a few feet away.  The rooms? Yep, average – but we were barely in them anyway with there being so much to do and see in Berlin❤️👯

Would I recommend? Yes. Would I re-book if I returned to Berlin? Abso-fucking-lutely! And boy, do I wish to return one day


Now over to my fellow traveller’s to give their Top Hostel Recommendation (and these guys know their shit) so take note ✌🏻…

     Big Fish, Budapest

“Best hostel I’ve been to is ‘Big Fish’ in Budapest. Felt so at home there, went from a one week stay to a five week stay because I loved it so much. 

I felt so at home because the staff were excellent. The manager, Vesna, was amazing – she was like mother to everyone staying there and called us all her children in her Transylvanian-like accent. It seemed to be a trend that people would extend their stay and it was quite a small hostel so everyone got to know each other and we became great friends really quickly. 

On Halloween, towards the end of my stay was probably the best, we were all in the lounge/kitchen helping to make things for Halloween. Some people were cooking, [some were] cutting pumpkins, [some were] playing music and [some were] preparing decorations. We were like a family. 

image1 (1)

As for the hostel itself, there was a no shoe policy which I’ve used in every place I’ve lived in after that because it just keeps the place really clean and cozy.  The lounge had a PC hooked up to a projector so people were always in there watching YouTube videos or playing music. It was really quite wonderful! I liked the hostel better than the city! Ha, although it is a really cool city – especially on the “Buda” side (the mountainous side).

– Jacob Mounter, owner of ViviDream.co.uk

The White Rabbit Hostel, Hvar, Croatia 

“Very clean (cleaner than some hotels i’ve been in), nice staff, cheap drinks upstairs in a cute loft bar…

image1 (4)
“The view from our balcony”

Good location, but the only downside is that there’s no use of social area after 11pm!”

image1 (3)
“One of the hostel staff playing a guitar which is for communal use”

-Biz Buckle, @bizzzzb

           Mad Monkey, Cambodia

“We stayed in the Phnom Penh [Mad Monkey] and we visited the one in Siem Reap too. Both amazing locations, close to everything you want to see; Angkor Wat, Pub Street, The Killing Fields and the Temples etc…

image1 (2)

Lots of different themed nights – one night a week you get a free keg of beer, so if you get there early enough you can fill your boots on free beer! 

The highlight for us here though was most definitely the food! After travelling for months on end, your Western food cravings kick in and Mad Monkey can fulfill your every desire; burgers, chicken kievs, cheese boards … you name it, they do it! Pure perfection!”

– Hannah Sparkes & Kieran Sandhu, KHTravels, @KH_Travels

Nashville DownTown Hostel, Nashville, USA 

“This place felt more like a hotel made from the mind of the Skins cast than a hostel. There was a stage for live music, pool tables, beaut re-furbished rooms. It was my fave city [in America] too!!”

image1 (6)

– Rachel Cleverley, @rachclevers

Ostello Bello, Bagan

“We stayed at a great hostel in Myanmar and I believe they have a sister hostel in Milan. When we were in Myanmar we didn’t seem to come across that many typical backpackers hostels – they were more guesthouse type places – until Bagan (maybe because they aren’t as used to backpackers tourism).

However, this hostel was really welcoming, clean and social. If I remember correctly, we arrived about 4/5am, but we were immediately invited out with a group who were riding electronic mopeds to watch the sunrise. They knew the best temple to go to where we could climb up and get a great view (and a staff member came along to be our guide – we definitely would have got lost in the dark without him!)

The rooms in this hostel were really comfy. We stayed in a 6 bed dorm which had its own en suite. In the evenings, one night they had Bingo where you could win free drinks at the bar! I really enjoyed it because we got to meet so many people, have some drinks and play games which we hadn’t really experienced so far in Myanmar so that was a welcome change!


Above is me, Steph and our friend Ana from the Philippines who we met at Ostello Bello. We spent the next week together and also met up with her in Manila about seven months later!”

Katie Dodd, @ka_dodd

Lobster Lodge, Australia

“Lobster Lodge in Cervantes [is one of my favourites], just because it’s near the Lobster Shack [and] the Lobster is amaze! People come from all over the world to try it!

image1 (7).JPG

Cervantes also has Thirsty Point Lookout which is 😍…”

Thirsty Point Lookout

– Carl Mumford, @carlm_7

Castle 1004, Lake Bled, Slovenia

“Set in a picturesque little town, surrounded by mountains, the hostel is modern and clean with the most helpful and friendly staff. There’s a huge roof terrace where we all ate breakfast each morning and the bus station is only two minutes away, with buses going all the way to Croatia and Italy, as well as Triglav National Park.

image1 (9)
Lake Bled from the viewing platform

We did 40 minutes of climbing, it was so beautiful. Then we went to the National Park which was amazing, up in the Alps! The perfect place to visit for hikers/walkers…”

image2 (2)

Nakita Banger, @keetsbanger

Spicypai Backpackers, Pai

If you’re going to Thailand, I would totally recommend visiting Pai – it was my favourite place! You sleep in open air huts made from bamboo and leaves – it was an amazing experience but I was eaten alive by mosquitoes🙈!

image1 (8)

They had the coldest showers you’ll ever experience, but free breakfast which is a massive bonus if you’re on a budget! It’s not super close to the centre of Pai, but if you rent scooters like we did, you can drive into town in 10 minutes. It’s also really good for meeting other backpackers, as there’s a communal hut with hammocks and a fire to sit around at night!


Megan Savage, @megan_savage92

So there you have it, wherever you are in the world – whether it be Europe, South East Asia, America or Australia – there’s a little somewhere special you can stay along the way to make your travels that bit more enjoyable…

Keep making friends and memories my fellow nomads ❤️👯

Love always,



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